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TRAVEL AGENCY IN BHUTAN WITH Holiday Packages By Holiday Planners

Travel agency in Bhutan, by far, remains the most elusive, yet incredible destination for explorers, trekker, bloggers, and much more. Bhutan is blessed with places like Paro Taktsang (Sacred Monastery), Buddha Point, Dochula Pass, Chorten Monastery and etc. Above all, hiking the legendary Tiger's Nest Monastery is one to be excited about. It's exhausting and exciting in a same way, but will cherish every moment after you reach the destination point. Being a part of the culture, visiting monasteries will ignite the self belief in you. Why miss a chance of rediscovering the self you? The government has done tremendous work prioritizing on a "Gross National Happiness Index", Environmental Conservation, and Good Governance instead of measuring Bhutan's Economy Prosperity on wealth. In fact, the Bhutan's constitution states that the country should be at least 60% covered in forest; leading them to be first carbon negative country in the world.

Bhutan also known as "Land of Thunder Dragon" is simply breath-taking in every aspect. Thanks to the Indo - Bhutan relationship, the Government of Bhutan Tourism doesn't charge minimum fee of $250/- per day to Indian Travellers. Given this opportunity, one shouldn't miss a chance to explore beautiful Bhutan. With a mere population of 797,765 as of 2016, this nation manages to be known as "Land of Gross Domestic Happiness". So hire this travel agency in Bhutan to make your tour memorable.

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CAR RENTAL IN Bhutan to explore Bhutan with luxury

The idea of exploring the 'land of wonders' with car rental in Bhutan does not require an overnight thinking. So simply scroll down the list of the best travel agency in Bhutan and you can sit back planning your journey. Travelling is something that helps you learn and discover new things in life and Bhutan Tour Packages is surely going to deliver you a new perspective of viewing the world and will also renew purposes in your life

The best month to visit Bhutan is through September to November, with pleasant weather, clear skies and number of festivals. Though there are chances of small rain in the months of March and May, considering that, this month is also ideal for tourism with comfortable temperature. The summer months are ideally hot and rainfall occurrences are frequent. The winter months are very cold and have fewer visitors.

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What makes this Travel Agency in Bhutan stand out?

The first thing you will experience in this Bhutan Tour Packages is the peaceful landscape with stunning valleys, mighty Kanchenjunga surrounded by roaring mountains and a network of small streams. One must not be surprised to observe Bhutanese people wearing their traditional attire which simply represents their simple and peaceful life and in nowhere influenced by the western culture. You may even notice every son of the family regularly attends a monastic school so as to keep Buddhism alive in their souls. While in Bhutan, if you do not visit some of its ancient and mysterious monasteries; the journey is said to be incomplete. People of Bhutan have an overwhelming attitude towards the visitors. They also give the opportunity to participate in their colourful and exciting festivals and sports. So make a good choice by choosing this travel agency in Bhutan to complete your tour to the fullest.

PLACES TO VISIT IN BHUTAN with Holiday Planners
  • Buddha Point
  • Paro Taktsang
  • Thimphu City
  • Memorial Chorten
  • Phuentsholing City
  • Punakha
  • Royal Institute
  • Dochula Pass

The very famous festival 'Tshechu' which is supposed to be celebrated on the 10th day of the month of lunar; calendar attracts thousands of tourists from all over. The celebration of festivals widely in all the temples and dzongs where the monks perform their various mask dances. In order to explore the 'land of happiness' within your budget, one must seek the help of a trusted travel agency. Also make sure that the travel agency in Bhutan you have dealt which provides you with a total tour package that covers all of the top tourist sites, culture and heritage of the kingdom.


Bhutan, the place is well acknowledged for Dzongs (fortresses), monasteries and alluring landscapes, capable enough to blow your mind off during an adventurous trip. A sovereign state in Asia, while being the smallest state in the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan gives a full view of the magnificent beauty of nature. It is regarded as one of the "Shangri-La's" in the Himalayan arena because of its striking mountain terrain, the attractive beauty of nature and uniqueness. This country is also known as 'Druk Yul' or the Land of Thunder Dragon. It is bounded by India in the South and China in the North.

So in case you have plans to hit 'The Thunder Dragon Kingdom', just let the travel agencies in Bhutan to become your complete travel planner and advisor. The travel agencies not only do justice to your entire travel plan in Bhutan, but also turn out to be your guide for your conveyance, boarding, fooding and touring that too within your well defined budget.

Travel agency in Bhutan your all in one solution for Bhutan Tour Packages

Travel enthusiasts are on the lookout for ideal tourist destinations, whenever they have the time. Unfortunately, time is what is scarcely available due to the tremendously fast lives of almost every individual nowadays. Owing to this, most of them tend to go for locations which offer a serene and refreshing surrounding; that makes one forget all worries for some time. If you are one of them and are on the lookout for that ideal place in Asia which would bring back the happy and refreshed mind that you now lack, then Bhutan is the best place for you.

Reaching out to the travel agencies via telephone or internet to solve all the travel-riddles. One thing is very certain; you will definitely get something to cherish in your travel diary for the lifetime. The exhaustive and hassle free services will tempt you to visit Bhutan over and over again.